This year ‘The Team Up’ Incentive takes your team on The Facilis Amazing Race, complete with challenges and rewards! The race kicks off on September 16th and ends on November 15th.This document contains everything you need to know about this awesome incentive opportunity from start to finish!


Read through this document and all of the rules and regulations.*


  • Schedule a team meeting before September 13th to get your team excited and ready to Team Up to win the race!

  • At your team meeting, bring the launch kit, pass out the snacks included in your launch kit and follow this agenda:           

    • Review the incentive rules

    • Review your goal

    • Explain that there will be challenges along the way as your team hits 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% of your end goal. 

    • Explain that it will be necessary to flag all jobs sold to Preferred Suppliers to ensure credit is received towards your goal.

    • Decide as a team what you will do with your    prize earnings


  • Remember to have fun with it and get your team excited (more cowbell anyone?), and don’t forget to Complete Challenge 1 by uploading your prize to the link within the Incentive Portal.

  • After the meeting, hang up your poster in your break room, or anywhere that everyone will see it at least daily! 


Starting 9/16 the RACE IS ON! Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint so it will be super important to maintain your team’s momentum!


Track your progress on your Team Up Dashboard and on your team road map. Do this by putting one of the red stickers included in the launch kit on the poster after reaching the specified percent of goal.


When your team has achieved each designated percent of goal noted on the poster, complete the challenge for that achievement. To complete the challenge, please follow the rules on the challenge cards that were included with your launch kit. All the items needed for the challenges were also included in your launch kit!


Reach 20% of Goal – Complete Challenge 2

Reach 40% of Goal – Complete Challenge 3

Reach 60% of Goal – Complete Challenge 4

Reach 80% of Goal – Complete Challenge 5


The first 3 teams that complete each challenge will earn a chance to win an exclusive R&R. What is an R&R? It’s a special treat to allow your team to rest and recharge! Check out the R&R card in the launch kit for a clue as to the possible treats your team could win!  


Once your team has met its goal it’s time to celebrate and complete the final challenge (Challenge #6)!

*Complete rules and regulations can be found in the incentive portal.