Facilisgroup Team Positioned for Growth in 2021

December 1, 2020


SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, Dec. 1, 2020 – Following months of industry uncertainty, Facilisgroup is proving its resiliency. The company has moved forward with strategic hiring activities aimed at strengthening the company from the core, and enhancing overall efficiency, as they head into the new year.


"As Facilisgroup continues to evolve as a company, it's crucial that we are providing our partners the best support, in addition to our technology,” added Ashley McCune, president of Facilisgroup. "I have complete confidence in the leadership team we have cultivated this year and look forward to delivering more quality and innovation to our partners moving forward." Over the past two quarters, the SaaS company added additional talent to its leadership team in preparation for future growth.


David Rehg joined Facilisgroup this summer as Vice President of Operations. David comes to Facilisgroup following a career of large-scale operations management. His extensive experience includes business integration and strategy management of large business units, with a focus on the integration of mergers and acquisitions, technology, and business processes.


Susan Kill recently joined the company as Vice President of Success & Retention. Susan brings significant experience leading strategic sales organizations, including executive leadership of business units and account management teams for B2B selling organizations. Susan also has experience in growth strategy, operational efficiency, strategic sales innovation and achieving high customer retention.


Genifer Sgroi is new at the helm of Facilisgroup's MarCom department as the Director of Marketing. Genifer has over 20 years of marketing leadership experience delivering successful marketing strategies, including improving ROI, enhancing the customer experience, brand evolution, and integrating acquisitions. Her previous experience also includes B2B marketing throughout North and South America with a strong focus on elevating the customer journey.


In addition, Kyle Runge, former Director of Finance at Facilisgroup, has been promoted to Vice President of Finance. Kyle has been with Facilisgroup for over five years and has been working in finance and accounting for the past decade. In this new role, Kyle will continue to develop and streamline the company's financial practices.


About Facilisgroup


Facilisgroup is dedicated to delivering business growth for our supplier and distributor partners. By focusing on three distinct principles – Community, Technology, and Supply Chain, our company has become the market-leading business platform and technology services provider. We leverage our industry expertise and technology to deliver significantly increased sales and reduced operating expenses all under our Partner’s own brand identity. Facilisgroup is headquartered in St. Louis, MO, with offices in Ottawa, Canada.


 PR Contact

Genifer Sgroi | gsgroi@facilisgroup.com


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Randy Conley | 314-627-0809 | rconley@facilisgroup.com