Supplier Spotlight: Showdown Displays

Showdown Displays has been proactive in the battle against COVID-19. In an effort to help our communities and prevent the spread of the disease, Showdown Displays started producing medical gowns, masks and face covers. They have also responded to the need for other protective essentials including vinyl wall barriers, acrylic counter barriers, testing site/shelter tents and a variety of social distancing and food service signage offering direction and information.

While Showdown Displays has been making an innovative effort to produce in-demand items for sale, they have also been charitable with their supply over the course of the past month. They donated hundreds of masks and gowns to a local hospital and healthcare facility, and donated an additional several hundred protective masks and gowns to an independent and assisted living campus that provides transitional, long-term and memory care service.

Like many other suppliers in the industry, Showdown Displays made a quick shift to start producing essential goods and expanded those offerings when the demand presented itself. Their generous donation of supplies to facilities in need during the PPE shortage was a thoughtful gesture and a true display of community.