Hit Promotional Products Reduces Environmental Impact

Hit Promotional Products, recently platinum-rated with the Green Business Bureau, has established several sustainability programs. Being the sixth-largest supplier in the industry, according to Counselor's 2019 list, Hit has taken responsibility for their environmental impact while setting a precedent for other industry suppliers to follow.

At the beginning of this year, Hit announced a partnership with their main carrier, UPS, to offset the carbon emissions produced by shipments leaving their facilities. Hit pays an additional fee on each package, including envelopes and freight, that UPS then uses to purchase certified carbon offsets. Through UPS's funding of projects that benefit the environment, like methane and landfill gas destruction and wastewater treatment, Hit is able to neutralize the carbon emissions impact from their shipments.

Waste has also been a focal point for the company. They introduced their Zero Waste to Landfill partnership with NuCycle Energy to divert waste from local landfills to be turned into a clean burning agent used across the country for power generation. Hit also moved all hazardous and non-regulated waste to waste-to-energy sites. This waste characterization and reduction of over 50 inks and chemicals previously used in the decorating process set the stage for safer, more environmentally conscious products.

Beyond their commitment to neutralize carbon emissions from their shipments and convert waste into a clean burning agent, Hit has additional efforts regarding wastewater, recycling, electric usage and more.

You can learn more about all of Hit's sustainability efforts by visiting their site!