Gorilla Marketing and Hit Promotional Products Partner for Practice Safe 6'

Gorilla Marketing and Hit Promotional Products have teamed up to create a cheeky t-shirt campaign that promotes social distancing guidelines and benefits those in need through Catholic Charities USA. The t-shirts feature a large smiley face surrounded by the phrase "Practice Safe 6'", a nod to keeping six feet of distance between you and others as the social distancing standard, and also have a customizable logo option. Gorilla Marketing, based in Riverside, California, wanted to spread the message of social distancing and launched the Practice Safe 6' campaign in Southern California, making the t-shirts available for hospitals and others in the medical field working so diligently to keep us all healthy and safe.

three adults each wearing a different color Practice Safe 6' t-shirt

Wanting to share the message further, Gorilla Marketing partnered up with Hit Promotional Products to make their t-shirt design widely available across the country to people in any industry with a desire to promote social distancing. In addition to sharing the positive social distancing reminder, each t-shirt sold with Gorilla Marketing's message through Hit Promotional Products will result in a $1 donation by Hit to Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA). This organization provides assistance to those in impoverished communities across the U.S. through their network of 166 agencies, including access to food and other basic necessities. Last year alone, CCUSA served 12.5 million people, regardless of religious, social or ethnic background. The efforts of CCUSA are needed now more than ever, and Gorilla Marketing and Hit Promotional Products are helping to make that possible. Learn more about Catholic Charities USA here.

Want to get in on the action? Head on over to hitpromo.net for more information on the Practice Safe 6' t-shirts!