A Cause for Celebration

"From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life."

- Arthur Ashe

A Cause for Celebration

Facilis Cares, a movement focused on harnessing the power of the Facilis community to improve underserved and underprivileged communities through service and donation, was introduced three short months ago at the Toronto Partner Summit. Since it launched, we have been blown away by what Partners are already doing in the spirit of Facilis Cares, as well as what they’ve started doing and what they committed to doing in the future to intertwine acts of kindness into everyday business. From donating Team Up prize earnings to service trips to donating proceeds of sales, our Partners and Suppliers are stepping up in big ways and we couldn’t be more proud.

Brandito - Michael Lovern | President

Each year Brandito gives to the community, local organizations and national organizations. However, we always feel like one sizeable unified mission outside of a sales goal helps motivate even more. Last year at the Inc. 5000 conference, my team was introduced to charity:water and their story.

Charity:water is an organization that provides clean drinking water to communities around the world by drilling wells and providing sustainable solutions. Immediately after hearing the story, my team knew that we had to do something, and that is when our 2019 campaign was born. Starting on January 1, the Brandito team decided to give $15.00 for every order written to charity:water. In return, we believed that we would raise $30,000, which equates to three water projects. YTD, we have raised $20,000, so we are well on our way.

The added benefit of my team's effort is that we get to share our energy with our clients. Without them, this would not be a success. So instead of this merely being about Brandito, we can show our client's the impact that they are having on the community. And, as the water projects come to completion, we will be able to show them physical proof of the impact our work has created. It is something that I know all parties involved will be proud to share.

We can only hope that this helps drive other people and companies to do their part. It doesn't have to be for clean drinking water, but it needs to be something.

Custom Logos - Ryan Kaback | Vice President

Throughout our 30 years in business, we routinely donate our time and services to various charities and organizations throughout San Diego. One of our favorite activities is our annual pilgrimage to the San Diego Food Bank. This year we packed 8,500 pounds of pears to support their mission in providing healthy, nutrient-rich foods to those in need. We're proud of our hardworking team for getting it done!

We are also always on the lookout for ways to support and show our appreciation to the members of our armed forces. Recently our team came upon a program called Sneakers for Soldiers and made a donation. It’s a really cool organization that was founded by a family whose son was serving in Afghanistan.

Green Giftz - Karen Scarpino | President and CEO

Green Giftz hosted a group of Grand Rapids students from the GRPS Discovery Center at our office and taught them about our mission and the importance of sustainability in business. The team showed them examples of how we design and manufacture branded gifts from post-industrial waste. They tried upcycling, turning waste into wonderful, built wood clocks, helped select gifts for fun events like picnics, and carnivals, and even designed their own logos. These students are our future and will grow up to be sustainable leaders, helping change the way we do business!

Beehive Specialty - Vicki Buck | President

Beehive donated time and goods for our client's Legacy of Good Project. This is an annual project that provides computers and solar energy to third world classrooms. Beehive donated printing, embroidery, laminating, Foldscope Classroom Kits and fulfillment, and arranged delivery of six skids of material to a small island off of the Philippines.


THE BOOK COMPANY launched their “We Plant Trees” corporate giving program which will donate a portion of proceeds each year to help plant trees across America through reforestation programs led by nonprofit American Forests.

Hit Promotional Products gives back 5% of all proceeds from their AWS collection to national charities each year, including American Cancer Society, Make a Wish, and Boys Town.

Aakron Line’s GiveBack One for One program proudly supports NAEIR through product donations. For every GiveBack item purchase, Aakron Line donates an equal amount of product.

Cap America gives 5% of proceeds of all Camp HOPE American Flag Embroidered Patch sales to Camp HOPE, a retreat for war-wounded military veterans.

Sweda donates a portion of the proceeds from each Basecamp® product sold to support Warrior Spirit Retreat, a place where Wounded Warriors learn to heal.

What is Facilis Cares?

Facilis Cares is a movement that brings together and harnesses the power of the Facilisgroup community to scale efforts and improve underserved and underprivileged communities through service and donation. Facilis Cares builds a compounding effect to community service by creating opportunities to serve and work together, inspiring others to do the same. Facilis Cares calls to mind our community’s greater purpose. Together, we inspire each other to be outward-focused and help uplift those in need. Together, we can leave a positive impact that is felt for years to come.

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