A Recipe for Success - Brand Makers Partner of the Year

For 10 years, Facilisgroup has been celebrating our community’s successes at the Top Achieving Sales Awards (TASA) in Las Vegas, and last year, Brand Makers took home the top honor, Partner of the Year. The Partner of the Year Award honors the Facilis Partner that had an outstanding year. To win this award, a Partner will have achieved significant growth, provided strong support to our preferred suppliers and showed solid engagement with the Facilis system and community. To win amongst so many strong companies takes an entire team of dedicated, driven and passionate people working in unison toward a common mission and goal.

“I’ve often told the story of Brand Makers over the years. From the first time I walked into the building I could sense something different about this group. It wasn’t the competitive spirit in room, it wasn’t the hunger or drive to win, it wasn’t the jovial personalities or the absence of ego that typically come with the territory of success, it wasn’t the stoic leadership – perhaps all of these things combined in a unique combination are the recipe for success. But there was something more than that –that was perhaps a result of these things all living under one roof. It was the sense that everyone was part of something bigger than themselves which brought a humility to the individual and formed a group of people comfortable in their own skin. What an empowering place to be and work. To me this is Brand Makers.– Matthew Lamb, Chief Development Officer

When you walk into Brand Makers, you automatically sense something special. Some call it energy, others might refer to it as a vibe, but no matter what you call it, you can feel it and Brand Makers employees would agree that it all starts at the top with their leader, James Greaves.In early June, we sat down with Greaves and his team to share their story, culture and insights on Brand Makers' recipe for success.

How would you describe James as a leader? James is an eat-last leader. You see that in his relationships with each employee here. He makes everyone feel special and makes an extra effort to make sure everyone has everything they need to succeed; putting other's wants and needs above his own. He genuinely cares and the team feels that. - Ammon McBride, Senior Account

ManagerJames is the real deal. He is everything you would expect and want your leader to be. He has a genuine care for every person here, for the clients and the business. He puts forth so much effort to make Brand Makers a great place to work. He makes everyone feel important. The person who got hired on a week ago is just as important as the person who’s been here eight or nine years to him. – Jessica Walker, Finance Manager

What is Brand Makers recipe for Success?

Two-fold: we want to be a great place to work and we want to be great for our clients. At Brand Makers, Culture is the #1 priority and that’s not just lip service. Everyone here knows it’s #1. When we started the company we wanted an environment where people wanted to come to work. Achieving our culture is a team effort and our people are the foundation for our success. – James Greaves, CEO

The people. Our culture is strong. Everyone is on the same page and we’re all striving for the same, common, collective goal. It all comes down from James and that’s what makes it work. – Tommy Snell, Art Director

Posters decorate the walls of Brand Makers, clearly defining the company’s principals and values.

What is your favorite part about working at Brand Makers? The relationships. I love every one of the people here. We have roughly 40 employees and everyone is so good and amazing at what they do – it makes it easy. I get up and want to come to work. – Ammon McBride, Senior Account Manager

It’s a feel good environment. You feel good about coming to work every day. You feel good about who you’re working with and you feel good about who you’re working for. The culture we’ve built here is the best thing about working at Brand Makers. – Jessica Walker, Finance Manager

How does Brand Makers build and maintain strong culture?We plan monthly lunches, retreats, thank you note programs all of those things contribute to maintain and build the culture we have here and the family atmosphere. – Michelle Stevenson, Finance Specialist

We all like to share our ideas with each other and we really care about each other and the success of the other guys. It’s a really tight-knit group at Brand Makers. As we’ve grown and evolved, we really focused on hiring like-minded individuals to maintain that culture. – Ammon McBride, Senior Account Manager

What are you most proud of about Brand Makers?

I’m most proud about the fact that almost everybody that works here thinks it’s the best place they have ever worked and that means so much to me. - James Greaves, CEO

What does winning Partner of the Year mean to you?

There are so many amazing companies within Facilisgroup, so to be recognized amongst them is an honor. It’s validation for everyone at Brand Makers of all our hard work in trying to be a great place to work, trying to be good for our clients. - James Greaves, CEO

Being able to see the company grow to where we are now, in both business and employees is an honor and this award is really affirmation of all the hard work everyone at Brand Makers is putting in to achieve that growth. – Tommy Snell, Art Director