A Partner perspective on the many shapes and sizes of culture

Corporate culture is a widely discussed topic and with benefits like higher retention and profitability, a highly sought after initiative for many companies. But mastering the practice of shaping and maintaining a culture can be challenging…and confusing. Building the right culture takes time and thought, and frankly, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. And that’s a good thing! That means there are numerous ways to build your own unique and authentic culture. Take a look what Facilisgroup partners are doing to instill a genuine culture that unites their team.

“Culture matters a lot at MyBrandPromo. Joe McEuen Jr. and Dave Helfrich, started the company because they wanted to work in a culture that was fun, creative, and good. These values together with the 10 essential behaviors are trained to and reinforced in performance reviews. While lots of companies have values, MyBrandPromo decided to press the envelope helping each other grow up and live up to these values and behaviors through a company-wide It’s All Good! Leadership Program.

The It’s All Good! Leadership Program is a series of 30-day Leadership Challenges where everyone in the company participates in raising their game by developing skills needed to perform while practicing the values every day. We partner with the Sterling Group, a leadership consultancy, to conduct two to three 30-day Challenges each year in the categories of growing as a personal leader, a team leader, and a company leader.

Over the past year, we have had three 30-day Challenges. The first 30-day challenge was centered on being a positive leader, focusing on the MBP value of being grateful and looking for and recognize the positives. The second 30-day challenge focused on collaborative communication as a team, reinforcing our values of being smarter and better as a team and also developing trusted relationships. The third challenge wrapped up this May and was all about growing as a high-achiever leader. This challenge focused balanced leadership capable of the four key building blocks of collaboration, driving results, innovation, and operational excellence.

We plan to keep the challenges going with upcoming ones focused on goal pursuit in a growth mindset and promise management. We see building culture as similar to how athletes master their sport. It takes a shared understanding of what is expected and practice, practice, practice.”

“We truly have worked to build a culture focusing on family and trust. We know that spending more daylight hours with each other, our teammates, rather than at home, could allow for things to sour and spread if we didn’t make intentional moves to take care of one another first. This of course translates over to our relationships from teammates to supplier partners and ultimately clients as well. When our team is fed and happy they feel as though they belong and can make an impact right where they are. If we continually develop that, we know that life, beauty, and growth can develop in so many forms. As with any organization, we always have room to improve and become stronger, and we will always accept that challenge.

Regarding our “Every brand needs a hero” campaign, we truly felt that we had something unique in our art team and wanted to showcase that. So we dialed it down more specifically with one of our artists that is a great illustrator and took his love for comic books and super heroes on as inspiration. As we rolled out a new website landing page and social media campaign we teased with silhouettes of a super hero and clues, asking our clients and team to guess who it was. Our team at that point had not yet seen their own until theirs rolled out. They didn’t know their name or what they would look like. It was such an exciting and energetic time, both on social media and in office. So much of the credit goes to the artist, Luke Forwoodson, that designed all of the super heroes, and Mikhael Reed, our MPP, who wrote all of the copy and worked with our super hero loving art team to come up with unique and creative names.

This was a very fun team-involved promotion that made everyone feel a part and gave us something for our clients to follow as well. We all got trading cards to share with each other and now use our super hero on our business cards and some use as their email signature. One of our team members even had a costume designer create her super hero into a costume and she showed up to an event in it...So fun!”

“At Artina, we live by the motto “Choose Kind”, which is a huge part of who we are as a team. How can we fill one another’s bucket? Kindness and generosity are values that were instilled in us from an early age by our mother, Sue Bouzounis. When she passed, the legacy she left behind was one of kindness. She was very giving to others, especially those in need, and always had a positive message to uplift others. She volunteered countless hours and genuinely gave from her heart. Upon her passing, friends and family members shared countless stories about her kindness. In an effort to carry on her legacy, we make a conscious effort to live by her example and to inspire others to do the same. The Artina Choose Kind Foundation was created to honor Sue and continue her legacy.

The foundation is our company service initiative that strives to lessen the suffering and give strength and hope to those in need, through both time and treasure. It was officially formed in April 2019 and to date, we have raised $21,000. We now have a committee of Artina employees who are leading the efforts including selecting charitable recipients and organizing company volunteer opportunities. We integrate the “Choose Kind” message into all that we do, including our end-user shows that allows our clients to get involved!

I am proud of our journey, and know that my mom is too, which makes it even more rewarding.”

“I’m proud of the culture at TSC, Inc., but it’s not due to one particular thing, person or process. Our team is incredible. Over the last 10 years, we’ve worked hard to hire well and with intentionality. Our team is gritty and adaptable and we work hard so our clients don’t have to. Everyone in our organization is willing to do whatever it takes. In the beginning of 2018, we implemented Patrick Lencioni’s ‘The Advantage’ approach to business, which helped nail down why we as a company exist. TSC exists to serve our Team, serve our Clients, and serve our Communities & the World. As we’ve grown, implemented new processes, departments or programs, looking back to the ‘Why’ helps bring it all into focus. At the end of the day, our company, team and clients are a blessing. I’m very grateful and consider it a privilege to lead and serve alongside them.”