Facilisgroup Promotes Four Staff Members

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, June 2019 – Since being acquired in December of 2018, Facilisgroup has been focused on growing its next line of leadership for the organization. Facilisgroup is pleased to announce the following internal promotions.

Ashley McCune was promoted to Chief Operating Officer after 15 years in the industry. She was previously Vice President of Operations & Marketing for Facilisgroup and joined the Facilis ranks at the company’s foundation. She has played an integral part in helping the company grow to where it is today and will continue to oversee Operations and Marketing. In addition, her skills and experience will be an asset as she has been charged with taking our Product Engineering and IT Departments to a new level.

Matthew Lamb has been named Chief Development Officer after serving as Vice President of Partner Development. During his 13 years with Facilisgroup and in the industry, he has developed a comprehensive partner onboarding program with pre and post implementation processes, and established a highly successful partner training program, while ensuring Facilisgroup stood behind its principle of ensuring partner success through business growth. He will oversee Training, Partner Success, and Stores.

Sarah Dwiggins has become Training Director. She has spent 3 and half years in Marketing and digital services at Facilisgroup, excelling at learning what makes our partners tick and how to effectively communicate with them. These skills will help her to resonate with our partners as she moves into this new role assisting them in staff development.

Becki Heinen is now Partner Development Director. In her two years with Facilisgroup, she has become an expert of the Facilis model and technology while developing strong relationships with our Partners. Her background in education coupled with a passion for people will aid her, as will her knack for breaking down processes and making complicated concepts seem simple.

“Investing in our people has been a priority. We’re so pleased to be able to promote these talented folks from within our current ranks,” said Chuck Fandos, CEO of Facilisgroup.

Facilisgroup will be aggressively hiring 15 additional staff members in the coming year. All available positions are listed in the Careers section of their website.

About Facilisgroup

Facilisgroup is dedicated to delivering business growth for our supplier and distributor partners. By focusing on three distinct principles – Community, Technology, and Supply Chain, our company has become the market-leading business platform and technology services provider. We leverage our industry expertise and technology to deliver significantly increased sales, and reduced operating expenses all under our Partner’s own brand identity. Facilisgroup is headquartered in St. Louis, MO, with offices in Ottawa, Canada.

PR Contact

Sarah Dwiggins | sdwiggins@facilisgroup.com

Sales Contact

Randy Conley | 314-627-0809 | rconley@facilisgroup.com