Choosing the Right MarTech Solution for Your Promo Business

Marketing Technology can be an intimidating phrase for promotional product business owners. Especially when they see charts like this. It’s hard enough to find time to perform the necessary tasks to keep the business running, now they have to figure out which technology platforms they need to use?!

We promise it’s well worth the time investment to investigate your options. Let us help you by giving you a rundown.

You’re almost certainly already using some type of MarTech – marketing emails, social media platforms – these fall under the category. Typically, anything beyond these will either give you better analytics and/or streamline your business – AKA save you time.

Disclaimer: all of our current partners already have access to powerful analytics and marketing tools built right in to our @ease software. But you can always do more: digital ads, social media tracking and automation are beneficial tools if your company is ready to take the next step.


First, as with all marketing activities, you should consider what you are trying to accomplish by bringing new tech on. What are your needs? What are your desired outcomes? Are you attracting, converting, closing, or delighting? Is it actually going to benefit your organization?

Just because a new technology will supposedly make your life easier or provide you with trackable stats, it’s not worth the cost if you will never USE the info.


Did you get a thorough demo? Can you try the platform before you buy it? Will this solution achieve your sales goals? Don’t get caught up in the bells and whistles if you won’t actually use them. Stay practical and confront red flags head on. Ask about the vendor’s training and support costs after you purchase.

What KPIs do you need to measure? Make sure the tech will help you reach your target audience. Retargeting ads can be effective, but not if your audience isn’t spending time surfing the web. Be sure to evaluate the need to have versus the nice to have. Just as your new tech may provide more trackable information, you should also receive actionable data on your investment.

Ease the transition

Remember that there will be hiccups during the transition to your new tech. Nothing happens as smoothly as you would expect, and you won’t become an expert overnight. Definitely establish goals and benchmarks as you go. These will provide structure to mark to your progress incremental improvements.

Finally - get everyone excited! Everyone in your organization needs to be bought in to this new technology to truly reap the benefits. They don’t all have to use it or understand it, but they must be willing to take action to support it and use the results.