Accountability Buddies Aren’t Just for the Gym

Build a bridge with an accountability buddy

Regardless of your job title, having an entrepreneurial mindset can be a lonely existence. Not everyone is a goal-oriented, big-idea thinking individual. And even entrepreneurs can get stuck in the day-to-day minutiae that our businesses need to run. But there is hope – finding an accountability buddy or success partner can be a crucial step to helping you reach your goals. Countless internet sites will tell you that you are 65% more likely to meet a goal if you tell someone about it. Even more so, checking in with an accountability partner can help to keep you on track and provide a sounding board for any challenges you face in your pursuit.

“Knowing that we will check in with someone who is emotionally and energetically invested in our success keeps us on track, even when things get hard” (from Inc.)

Sales reps in our Facilis360 program mention time after time how being held accountable for their training and sales goals helped them succeed in program. We all know sticking to good habits is better for us in the long run, but change can be hard. The 360 participants were held accountable not only to the program’s instructors, but also to each other.

The reps were divided into teams where they could lean on each other – and be held accountable for their success. Knowing that they were going to be checking in and measured on their efforts in the program gave many of them the push they needed to set aside time to complete their coursework.

In this case, their coursework was comprised of executing best practices in their day-to-day routines. It can feel hard to move away from existing routines, but breaking from routine can be a powerful way to stimulate new thinking and break bad habits. And as these reps learned, it can pay big dividends – they increased their sales by 60% on average!

Secrets to the reps’ success through accountability:

  • Monthly group calls

  • Accountability partners with weekly check-ins

  • Collaborative chat for participants to problem solve, share successes, etc.

So how do you find an accountability partner?

Tap into your network. Find another like-minded person who wants to improve on something.

You don’t necessarily have to be reaching for the same goal, but it may be valuable if each of you has applicable experience that will help the other reach their goal. Accountability is the main objective in this type of relationship. Be clear about your goals and what success looks like.

Remember that this is a two way street – you should be able support to your accountability counterpart as well!