A Big Case for Microlearning

The average small to mid-sized promotional products distributor probably doesn’t spend much time thinking about training their employees. Between all the other critical issues facing these busy folks, it can easily become a back burner wish rather than a must do. These folks should consider setting aside some time for a dedicated program. They are missing out on a great opportunity to reduce costs and improve employee retention!

Microlearning is an efficient and easily incorporated training method promo distributors can use to get their new employees up to speed.

Microlearning can improve retention.

Microlearning is what the name suggests – short training sessions. It’s the latest buzzword in eLearning, but it has a valuable place in training plan. Offer your employees bite-sized, small learning units with just the necessary amount of information with a specific goal in mind. It sounds simple, but it’s easy overwhelm a trainee with “important” information, known as cognitive overload, especially when everything seems important.

It’s estimated that learners can forget nearly 80% of what they learned in the following 30 days (if they do not use this information or do not receive any reinforcement).

Studies show that interspersing short, structured learning opportunities throughout the training path can improve information retention by reinforcing key topics over time. These can be incorporated into a new employee’s day or week rather than having them sit through hours of training on one topic.

Microlearning can also support on-the-job style of training as the new hire progresses through in new role. Once they’ve mastered certain tasks in their workflow, they can access new nuggets of information that help them see how their performance in that task has an impact on other departments or the business itself.

Use microlearning to:

  1. Learn more

  2. Learn something new

  3. Solve a problem

  4. Address a specific challenge

  5. Apply and remember

  6. Practice in order to gain mastery

Most of us already incorporate microlearning into our lives through mobile devices and apps that allow us to ask a specific question or perform a search to reference a snippet of content.

Many companies already use some of these training aids in their informal training processes. We recommend taking some time to develop a structured training plan with clear cohesive materials that are at the ready when a new hire begins.

Microlearning also fits well into a blended learning approach. You can read more about that here.

Facilisgroup partners have access to resources within our @ease software that support microlearning. Help videos and in-depth training resources are at their fingertips, along with in-person and online training for more in-depth industry topics. Contact us if you’d like to know more about our company.

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