Don't Slack on Your Onboarding Plan

Have you hired a new employee in the last year? What was their experience like on their first day at your company? What about the following week or month? As promotional product distributors, we’re full of good ideas to help other companies engage and reward their employees, but when was the last time you turned that lens on your own business?

According to a Harvard Business Review study, over 22% of companies have no formal onboarding plan in place. Starting your new employees out on the right foot is the first step to successful employee training.

Finding and retaining top talent is difficult and expensive! Ensure your newly hired talent succeeds (and sticks around) instead of tanking everyone’s productivity by having to constantly rehire and retrain replacements.

A great onboarding program can benefit your organization in many ways, like:

1. Reduced time to proficiency

2. Better employee engagement

3. A lasting employee experience

4. Network with other colleagues within and across business functions

5. Comfort level at the new workplace


Hopefully you’ve already set up new hires with a welcome kit featuring branded swag. Next, you need to make it easy for new employees to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors in order to become effective organizational members.

Only 37% of companies have an onboarding process that goes longer than one month. Think about what knowledge your new employee needs to succeed. How much time would you set aside to learn, if you were starting from scratch?

A good onboarding program can impact the productivity of your new hires as well as create a great first impression on your fresh talent.

Your onboarding solution can be a video or eLearning about your organization and its various policies/processes. It could also be a presentation put together by a few of your current employees. Or it can be an engaging blended program.

The eLearning Industry offers these tips to provide an effective onboarding process:

  • Blended Learning for Onboarding One single pattern or mode can be boring and sometimes ineffective. It may not address the needs of all type of learners. Use various modes of training and modalities of content can make the onboarding exciting.

  • Start As Early As Possible The time of starting the onboarding also impacts how quick your new hires are productive. The sooner, the better.

  • From Onboarding Event to Onboarding Process Many organizations make onboarding a 1 or 2-day event. It is better to spread this event into a learning networking process for new hires.

Ultimately, happier employees are productive employees. Set your new hires up for success with a structured onboarding process that covers your company culture in addition to job duties and industry training. And don’t forget to set clear expectations for the training journey of your new employee.

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