Facilisgroup Releases Partner Growth Statistics

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, March 2019 – Facilisgroup recently released its benchmark study to its member partners.

These statistics showed Facilisgroup distributor members reached an average of 10 percent year over year growth in 2018, beating the industry average. Distributors completed $767 million in sales from industry suppliers.

This growth was demonstrated by a record 232 partner sales reps being honored at Facilisgroup’s annual Top Achieving Sales Awards ceremony and bash in Las Vegas. A rep must achieve minimum sales of 750k to be recognized as a Facilis Achiever. In addition to the honor, they will receive exclusive perks and rewards.

Facilisgroup also named a very deserving SanMar with Supplier of Year for the second year in a row. Brand Makers, from Salt Lake City, achieved 20 percent growth and was named Partner of the Year.

Facilisgroup made improvements last year that contributed to its members’ success. In addition to infrastructure improvements, the company released new interactive marketing tools in its @ease software and added a spec sample tool integrated into their award-winning Signature Collection websites.

“We’re proud to celebrate our partners’ achievements and excited to be part of their continued growth. Every year, I’m proud of the community we’ve built with our partners,” said Chuck Fandos, CEO of Facilisgroup.”

Facilisgroup was acquired late last year by private equity firm, Elysian Capital LLC, and became part of a new entity – the Pebble Group. As a result, in 2019 Facilisgroup partners will begin to benefit from accelerated investment and service enhancements.

About Facilisgroup

Facilisgroup is dedicated to delivering business growth for our supplier and distributor partners. By focusing on three distinct principles – Community, Technology, and Supply Chain, our company has become the market-leading business platform and technology services provider. We leverage our industry expertise and technology to deliver significantly increased sales, and reduced operating expenses all under our Partner’s own brand identity. Facilisgroup is headquartered in St. Louis, MO, with offices in Ottawa, Canada.

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Sarah Dwiggins | sdwiggins@facilisgroup.com

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