The secret to doing more in less time - lessons from 360

Something we hear time and again from promotional product business owners is “If my sales reps are already busy, how is it possible for them to grow their sales while still keeping a work/life balance?”

The answer will sound too simple – it’s EFFICIENCY.

You have to change your behaviors and habits to maximize your time. Sound hard? It could be, as change is hard for many people. If you can change even a few of the most common inefficient habits, you will see significant sales growth – just like our Facilis360 sales reps did when they adopted these best practice habits.

First, a little about the 360 program – we took 10 willing sales reps and put them through a six-month coaching program that encouraged them to adopt the best practices we’ve researched and developed over the years, and made sure they knew how to use the tools available for prospecting and time management in our @ease software.

The result of the program was significant sales growth for every rep who adopted and adhered to the process. Even multi-million dollar reps benefitted with sales growth (!!) and better time management.

Overall, the 360 group grew sales by 46 percent, with one rep growing 219 percent by adding in additional sales strategies.

How they did it:

By sticking to the Perfect Day system developed across Facilis. The main crux of the system is TIME BLOCKING. Sounds simple, right? You just have to do the same actions every day with your specific goals in mind.

Do you spend all day switching between answering emails, making cold calls, and writing orders and quotes? Stop! Reorganize your time so that you dedicate a couple of focused hours in the morning calling prospects and clients. Tackle the hard stuff first. Then use time in the afternoon for your various other work.

Dedicate at least 1 hour to outbound calls each day and keep track of this by marking it on a calendar – it will help to keep you accountable to yourself.

Another best practice was to REDUCE CONTACTS in their prospect list. If you have more people in your list than you can keep in quality contact with, you need to drop some. Trust me, 500 contacts is too many! You should be able to maintain relationships with at least 70 percent of your current contacts.

Our 360 reps also benefitted from properly using the built-in time management tools in our @EASE software, specifically Opportunities and the Sales Pipeline. These functions allow reps to have a clear picture of where their contacts are in the sales process. It helped them follow up at the most opportune times and is completely integrated into each contact record.

If you’re a current @ease partner and want to learn more about the Perfect Day, just search for it in Resources.

If you’re not currently a partner but want to learn more about how you can implement The Perfect Day to help your business grow, or our @ease software, contact us here.