Tips & Tricks to Strengthen Relationships from the 360 Program

Successful sales reps know the promotional products industry is all about relationships. You’re more than just an order taker - great experiences lead to strong relationships. You help people market and brand their business, not just give away trinkets and trash.

What are you doing to strengthen your relationships with clients? Beyond staying in contact with 70 percent of your book of business, how are you making it easier for them to do business with you?

Amazon, Netflix and other behemoth tech companies are changing the user experience. People have gotten comfortable with shopping online and having choices at their fingertips. You need to meet them in their preferred space with solutions that help them do business with you.

step by step growth

We recently worked with a group of sales reps to test what truly works in the current sales environment. Facilis360 was a six-month coaching program that encouraged the reps to adopt the best practices we’ve researched and developed with partners over the years, and made sure they knew how to use the tools available for prospecting and time management in our @ease software.

The result of the program was significant sales growth for every rep who adopted and adhered to the process. Even multi-million dollar reps benefitted with sales growth (!!) and better time management.

Overall, the 360 group grew sales by 46 percent, with one rep growing 219 percent because he employed all of the suggested best strategies and options such as using samples in innovative ways to sell.

Especially when prospecting or developing a relationship after an initial order, you need to offer what others don’t. It could be ideas, time savings, or a better user experience.

How do your product presentations look? Are they presented digitally with hand-picked products that will appeal to your client? Taking a few minutes to put together ideas to present on a website or in a digital portfolio not only gives you another client touchpoint, but also allows your client to view products when and where they want.

Ease of use is everything for today’s promotional product buyers. Make it easy for folks to do business with you so you can build your relationship with them. It’s never too late to change client perceptions.

If you want to find out more about The Signature Collection websites or the marketing tools our 360 reps used in @ease, contact us.