Email is not dead for those who understand it

Don’t sound the death knell - email marketing’s not dead yet. In fact, just like direct mail (which is a proven tool to get in front of your clients) email marketing occupies a specific and useful place in your marketing arsenal – especially for B2B companies.

The advent of regulations such as CAN-SPAM a few years ago and GDPR in 2018, always sends up a warning flag in the marketing industry; these policies are actually good for your business. They ensure that people who are actually interested in your products and services are the ones receiving your emails.

Email marketing for promotional products distributors

While we all tend to flock to new, shiny technology, email marketing is here to stay. The days of mass emails, buying lists, etc. are dead. The days of targeted, tailored, well-appointed marketing are still here. And it’s a great time to be a marketer!

The most effective marketing is the kind that creates sales. Seems simple, right?! But consider – you’re not going to earn sales from people who don’t want to receive messages from you in the first place! These relationships matter.

86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes.

Why do so many business people prefer to use emails? Because it lets them communicate on THEIR terms. It’s significantly less invasive than a phone call. It lets them follow up when they can devote time and thought to your request.

Although social media influence and new advertising methods on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube have garnered attention over the past few years, purposeful, relevant email has quietly been expanding its influence and playing a more effective role in helping businesses do business.

  • Email has 2.6 billion users compared to Facebook’s 1.7 billion, and Twitter’s 313 million.

  • 58 percent of people check their email before anything else, while 11 percent check their Facebook accounts and 2 percent check Twitter first.

  • The average click-through rates for email sit at 3.57 percent. For Facebook, they are .07 percent and for Twitter, .03 percent.

  • Email gets more conversions. On average 66 percent of users make a purchase after email messaging, 20 percent for Facebook, and 6 percent for Twitter.

  • And, email comes with a better ROI: 21 percent compared to 15 percent on average for social media.

The key to successful email campaigns is personal, relevant, targeted communications. Be sure your lists are segmented and your messages are specific to their recipients. Provide them with content or information they NEED. Be useful to them. The average person receives 100+ emails per day – make yours the most valuable or memorable one they receive.

Email marketing should just be one component of your toolbox. Thoughtful branding, an optimized website with targeted content, a social media presence, and networking can all play an effective part in your marketing mix.