3 Quick Ways to Create TSC Accounts

1. Conversations

  • Lead to Connections

  • In person, on the phone, or in an email say:

"By the way, you should check out my website so you can shop all things promo when it makes sense for you”

  • Try a 30 sec elevator pitch:

Have you seen my new website? I encourage you to check it out. You can shop the top-rated promotional products in the industry without having to weed through millions of items. This is another channel that is available for us to stay in contact and work together. How about I send you an email with the registration link so you can create your account and take a look for yourself?

2. Marketing Emails

  • Send TSC Create Your Account emails to your contacts

  • Average open rates of 54% - you’re missing out if you’re not sending them

3. Social Media

  • Are you using social to reach contacts?

  • If so, they like you already, give them 1 more reason to like you more