The 360 class is Halfway through the program. See if they’re making the grade.

We are 180 degrees into the program and the 360 reps are exceeding expectations! Collectively the class is up 44% YOY in sales and up 15% YOY in Gold/Silver Purchases.

Facilis 360 Reps Rock

The 360 Reps have been working closely with Matthew Lamb, Vice President Partner Development, sharing ideas as a group, and pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones.

“The 360 team has had tremendous success and have proven first hand what drives growth. They’ve taken a strategic approach to their business and have committed to utilizing Facilis tools, which have enabled them to focus on key opportunities and accounts. They’ve committed to filling their pipeline daily and have tapped into the incredible partnership we have with our preferred suppliers to keep a steady stream of ideas in front of the right people. Simply put, the model works when you focus on the right things and utilize the tools available." said Matthew.